Embraer 135ER S/N 145467 | N386CH


  • Total Time: 13678
  • Landings: 10689

Engine Status

  • AE3007A1/3 High bypass ratio turbo fan : Total Time: #1: 13,499hrs #2: 13,503hrs
    Total Cycles: #1: 10,542 #2: 10,526 Engines with thrust reversers installed. Rolls Royce Corporate Care,


  • Magnetic Compass
  • Five tube 8” x 7” displays (2 primary displays – PDF, 2 multifunction displays – MFD and I EICAS Display) with multi reversionary capabilities
  • Single Radio Altimeter
  • Dual Integrated Computer encompassing the functions of: display driving,
  • Airborne Audio System
  • Dual Flight Director/Single Autopilot and EICAS
  • Solid State FDR with AFDAU (SFIM)
  • Dual Radio Management Units
  • Dual Air Data Computers
  • 1st and 2nd VHF Communications System with 25 KHz spacing (integrated VHF/Mode S Diversity and VHF only)
  • Solid State CVR
  • Single Passenger Address and Cabin Interphone System
  • Single Emergency Locator Transmitter
  • Single Aural Warning United Alerts Dual Digital Clock
  • Dual AHRS
  • Stand by ATT.IAS and Alt instruments integrated in one unit (ISIS) and stand by
  • Dual VHF Navigation System (Integrated NAV/ADF/DME and NAV only)
  • Single TCAS 2000
  • Single weather radar with independent selection
  • Dual Stall Protection System
  • Single Central Maintenance Computer
  • Dual Mode S Transporter
  • CATII, 2nd Radio Altimeter, 2nd Integrated ADF/DME, 2nd Integrated VHF/Mode S Diversity TDR, Dual FMS/GPS
  • (Honeywell), EGPWS (with Wind Shear Detection)

Additional Equipment

  • Cockpit Floodlight, Service Door Lower Area Protection, Cargo Door Lower Area Protection, Baggage Barrier Net, Gust Lock, Baggage Door Ramp Material, Blue Sterile Light


  • White with blue underneath


  • Standard Configuration Passenger layout with 37 passenger seats


  • 6303; 15663 Cycles