Legacy 600 S/N 4501011 | M-CMAF


  • Total Time: 1386

Engine Status

  • A3007A 1E on Rolls Royce Corporate Care: SN: Engine #1: CAE12984 Engine #2: 12987
    Total Time: #1 TSN: 1,386 #2 TSN: 1,286
    Total Cycles: Cycles: 913 x2


  • CAT 1 and CAT II AP/FD
  • Five tube 8“ x 7“ displays (2 primary displays-PFD, 2 multifunction displays-MFD and 1 EICAS display) with multi-reversionary capabilities.
  • Dual Digital Clock
  • Dual Integrated Computer encompassing the functions of display driving, dual Flight Director / single autopilot and EICA
  • Dual Flight management System and Global Positioning System (FMS and GPS Honeywell)
  • CMU with 3rd VHF (Honeywell)2nd HF
  • 1st and 2nd VHF Communications System - 8.33 KHz spacing (integrated VHF/Mode S diversity Transponder)
  • Integrated stand-by Instrument System (ISIS)
  • Solid State Cockpit Voice Recorder - SSCVR • Solid State Flight Data Recorder-SSFDR
  • Dual Radio Management (RMU)
  • Dual Air Data Computers (ADC) RVSM compatible
  • Dual Stall Protection System
  • Dual VHF Navigation System (Integrated NAV/ADF/DME)
  • Single Aural Warning Unit
  • Single Weather Radar with dual control panel and turbulence detection
  • Single Radio Altimeter (RA)
  • Single Passenger address and cabin Interphone System
  • Steep approach capability
  • Single TCAS 2000
  • Single SELCAL
  • Single Central Maintenance Computer (CMC)
  • Single Emergency Locator Transmitter

Additional Equipment

  • Ice storage
  • Stereo Speaker System
  • Microwave Oven
  • Galley control panel
  • Thermos storage
  • Trash container
  • 13) Headsets
  • (2) Two DVD's
  • Coffee maker
  • Sink with hot and cold water
  • 110 VAC power outlet
  • Work surface table
  • One (1) SVGA port interfacing with the forward LH side monitor Galley including:
  • Ten (10) 110VAC power outlets including galley, cabin and lavatory
  • 2) Two 17“ LCD monitors being one 17“ LCD monitor at the forward left bulkhead and one 17“ LCD monitor at the aft right bulkhead


  • Flight Attendant seat located in the left side of the main entry door
  • One (1) additional VIP control at aft facing, LH side seat in the aft cabin zone
  • Additional 15“ monitor at the forward partition on the right side
  • Flat front credenza
  • Forward dry-chemical crew lavatory
  • Airshow 4000
  • Sheepskin in the pilot/co-pilot seats
  • SATCOM High Speed Data System (HSD)
  • High temperature oven
  • Espresso coffee maker
  • 10 VAC power outlet in the credenza kick area
  • Provisions for extended over-water operations
  • Custom seats in the galley drawers (3)
  • EASA life rafts (2 rafts for 12 passenger each)
  • Flat floor, forward RH side galley, forward LH side entertainment cabinet, and a rear lavatory. Seating for Thirteen (13) passengers (forward cabin zone 2: (2) Two single club seats; mid cabin zone: (1) One double club seat on the LH side and a credenza on the RH side; aft cabin zone: (1) One divan on the RH side and (1) One single club seat on the LH side and a mid cabin divider (with mid cabin curtain) separating the divan zone.
  • Iridium ST-3100 and AEROCOM 1000 Interphone systems with (3) Three points of connection: (1) One of connection integrated with the crew headsets, (1) One handset in the arm ledge of the RH forward facing seat of the forward cabin zone (FWD RH VIP seat) and one handset located in the arm ledge of the LH conference table. The aft lavatory incorporates a flush chemical toilet, sink with hot and cold water and one 110VAC power outlet, LH side wardrobe and an access door to the baggage compartment.


  • APS500R/T-62T-40C14
  • TSN: 1,432
  • Cycles: 1,475
  • SN: SP-E0714908