Aviation Sales

An aircraft sale or acquisition is an important financial decision that reflects on the company or individuals involved. When we help clients with a transaction, we have all the tools necessary to define a specific profile and find the most appropriate aircraft- one they will be pleased with long after the transaction.

Our Approach

The buying or selling of a corporate aircraft is a major business decision. It requires a thorough understanding of market conditions, aircraft availability, associated costs, maintenance expectations and more. Our sales, accounting and marketing staff have the depth of knowledge and the skills to sell the aircraft that we represent and produce tools to help our clients analyze their current and future requirements. Our technical staff is exceptional in its ability to manage aircraft inspections. In addition, we are a family business. Our work is our passion and this translates into a unique benefit for our clients. While we have a strong organization with many key team members, the core of our business share the same last name. Businesses have hours of operation; families do not. We do have a vested interest in the quality of our work, as that is what represents our business and consequently our name.

Jet Sales Group Will:

  • Analyze your corporate transportation needs and assist your firm in choosing an appropriate aircraft type

  • Utilize our extensive networking to research available aircraft type specifications and pricing

  • Provide aircraft maintenance and accident history on aircraft that would meet your firm's needs

  • Determine required upgrades, if any, on each available aircraft to satisfy your firm's needs

  • Negotiate a final price with aircraft owners

  • Perform detailed pre-purchase inspections

  • Coordinate and consult on inspections, demo flights and Pre-buy

  • Consult on tax issues

  • Prepare offers, assist & consult in negotiations of price, terms and conditions

  • Prepare market overview of available, appropriate aircraft and compare

  • Offers discretion

  • Prepare contracts, agreements, escrow arrangements

  • Provide all required FAA documents


Jet Sales Group are experts at aircraft acquisitions, sales and consulting for both private and corporate buyers. Our trained consultants will go over every detail of any jet or helicopter you want to buy. We can help you with aircraft appraisals, damage assessment and pre-purchase evaluation. Our aviation mechanics will look at the plane you are interested in acquiring to check a variety of factors, including how long the jet has flown and the current state of repair of the engine, controls and instruments. The aviation technicians will also find out the cost of ownership, in addition to inspecting the  maintenance records and flight records.

If you are selling or buying a jet, contact us and request a jet sales consultation from one of our experts. You can reach us by email at, or call us at (772) 220-1700.

Consistently Unsurpassed in Customer Care

In choosing Jet Sales Group to broker your firm's aircraft, you're choosing an organization that you can trust to handle every aspect of the sale with efficiency and professionalism.