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Jet Sales Group Aircraft Sales Alerts

Did you browse through our listing of current aircraft for sale but didn’t find what you’re looking for?

At Jet Sales Group we are continually searching for planes and helicopters to add to our inventory to meet our client’s needs.  

 Jet Sales Group specializes in the sales and acquisitions of aircraft including:

  • Private Jets
  • Single Piston Aircraft
  • Twin Piston Aircraft
  • Piston Helicopters
  • Turbine Helicopter
  • Turboprops

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Let us know what jet, airplane or helicopter you are interested in purchasing by filling out our aircraft alerts form. We will email you updates on aircraft  you are interested in purchasing and we’ll send you updates as we come across them.  The more information you can provide us, the better we can help you with your aircraft needs.

 Jet Sales Group respects and protects your privacy. Your information is used to respond to your aircraft requests and never shared with any other party.


Let us know what you are looking for

  • Single Engine
  • Twin Engine
  • Light Jet
  • Medium Jet
  • Heavy Jet
  • Turbo Prop
  • Helicopter
  • Corporate Shuttle